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OUR VISION — SIX CROWS ALLIANCE FOR THE PURSUIT OF ARCANE WISDOM AND UNDERSTANDING envisions a respectful, pluralist, engaged, thriving spiritual community that celebrates positive relationships in the presence of differences. We welcome people from every religious practice and philosophy: secular humanists, people who
are "spiritual but not religious", and atheists, who share the values of love, generosity, mutual compassion, inclusivity, honor for "all our relations", creativity, wonder, and a thirst for meaning and purpose. We embrace the transformational and evolutionary impulse of the planet through our spiritual practice and sacred service.

OUR MISSION — OUR PURPOSE is to cultivate a center for meaningful activities by a diverse, inclusive community of spiritual seekers of arcane knowledge, wisdom, and understanding, that we may severally and individually serve to reveal at all levels of society the underlying perfection and harmony of the Universe. We create opportunities to share sacred spaces and explorations, and to learn and discern together. We foster inner growth and uniqueness, and encourage an attitude of enthusiasm and personal excellence.
     INTEGRITY — Operating in an ethical way is the foundation of our organization, and our pledge in every aspect of Six Crows Alliance programs and services. Everything we do is guided by a moral compass that ensures fairness, respect for all, and complete transparency.
     EXCELLENCE — Everything we do at Six Crows Alliance is driven by an unyielding passion for excellence, and an unfaltering commitment to deliver the most stimulating, in depth, awe-inspiring, and helpful programs and services to our community at great value and great attention to the needs and wants of the community.
     CO-PROSPERITY — We take the position that a business cannot be successful unless it creates prosperity and opportunity for others. As a non-profit organization, our commitment is to pay reasonable compensation to program and support personnel, and to provide our people with opportunities for development. We pledge to keep services like our annual gathering free where possible, and to keep prices low and value high where fees apply.
     RESPONSIBLE CITIZENRY — We operate in a fiscally responsible way, and return our net proceeds to the community in programs and services. Six Crows Alliance is dedicated to being a socially and environmentally responsible citizen in every capacity in which we serve or do business.
     These are the guiding principles fundamentally understood within the Six Crows Alliance community, which includes Allies (our social arm), Six Crows Gathering, Six Crows School, Six Crows Presents, all activities developed, supported, or sanctioned by Six Crows Alliance, and especially among its representatives, including staff and officers, Directors, Committee members, Volunteers, and all who participate in Six Crows Alliance programs and functions:
  1. We engage with mutual respect and good conduct;
  2. We are compassionate, patient, and concerned;
  3. We are inclusive, objective, and open-minded;
  4. We are trustworthy and trust others in our community;
  5. We are interested in exploring new ideas, possibilities, and each others' perspectives;
  6. We are transparent in our planning and policy-making;
  7. We promote and support inspiration, creativity, and excellence;
  8. We teach, nurture, and uplift the children, who are our future;
  9. We ensure safety in community and in our activities, including rituals, ceremonies, social events, and educational programming, by installing trained personnel and other measures as applicable;
  10. We persevere;
  11. We also recognize and respect our own and others' limitations;
  12. We help each other;
  13. We lead by example;
  14. We are honest and reliable;
  15. We are prompt and efficient;
  16. We communicate clearly and directly – no gossip;
  17. We strive toward personal growth and development in our personal and private lives, and in our dealings and roles with Six Crows Alliance;
  18. We are true to ourselves;
  19. We advocate personal empowerment;
  20. Our core values and philosophies lie at the heart of every decision we make, and everything we do.
Policy on Violence
     Six Crows Alliance has a zero tolerance policy for violence in any form. Threats of violence, tactics of intimidation, sexual harassment, sexually explicit language, actions, or content, racial, ethnic, or religious slurs, slander, libel, malicious gossip, and physical assaults are all examples of violence which are not tolerated.
     Should a violent behavior arise at any Six Crows sanctioned event, the Board of Directors or its representative will immediately investigate, assess and take action based on their findings. Appropriate initial response to a minor infraction is to review with the individual this zero Tolerance Policy. Two board members, one of whom is the event coordinator or forum moderator, may together, where it is deemed necessary, order an immediate temporary ban, whereby the transgressor will be asked to leave the premises or forum. Local police authorities may be called as necessary to maintain safety.
     A full report will be made to the Board of Directors, which may order further investigation, with final resolution and action decided by the Whole Board. Disposition may include one or more of the following:
  • Vindication with apology
  • Mediation
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Probation (period to be based on the circumstances)
  • Suspension (period to be based on the circumstances)
  • Ban (permanent removal from the Six Crows community – this would be a rare and extreme case
     Six Crows School provides a good basic education in the mysteries and arcane philosophies. The Board of Directors and Six Crows School faculty understand that students learn best in an environment that recognizes, celebrates, and supports each individual, and where personal dignity and uniqueness are emphasized. Our curriculum and methodology are continuously expanding. We believe in free will and liberty in the pursuit of personal philosophy and mundane and spiritual practices, and discernment in the pursuit of personal truth. In keeping with these standards, we embrace and apply certain philosophies in education as follows:
     LEARNING STYLES — We recognize that people preferentially take in and process information in many different ways: by seeing, hearing, feeling, acting, reflecting, creating, reasoning logically, reasoning intuitively, visualizing, and analyzing. Six Crows School takes all learning styles into account in developing and delivering curriculum.
     TEACHING METHODS — While personal experience is central in all Six Crows School programs, teaching methods vary at Six Crows taking learning styles into account. Our facilitators lecture; lead discussions; demonstrate or lead participants to self-discovery; explore principles; and emphasize practice, understanding, and wisdom in application.

Philosophies of Education
     REALISM — Realism is based on the view that reality is what we observe. It accepts habit and reason as equally valid learning methods, the former by training or repetition, the latter by conscious deliberation. It recognizes as truth what we sense and observe. Realism finds "goodness" — for which we might substitute "balance", or "the idealized state" — in the order of the laws of nature. ~ Six Crows students are taught factual information.
     IDEALISM — Idealism engages and supports refined wisdom. It is based on the view that reality is a world within a person's mind. It strives to achieve consistency of ideas. Idealism views "goodness" as an ideal state one must strive to attain. ~ Six Crows students are taught ageless wisdom.
     ESSENTIALISM — Essentialism demands that certain basic subjects form the foundation of the education, and that these should be learned thoroughly. The curriculum is progressive, moving from less to more complex skills. Essentialism's "goodness" is being on solid ground, and being prepared for what comes next. ~ Six Crows students are taught the basic skills to establish a personal foundation for safety and personal growth while exploring the mysteries and arcane subject matter.
     PERENNIALISM — Perennialism holds that details of facts change all the time, therefore it is concerned with principles, not facts, and the people, not the techniques. Its focus is on seeking truth through both reason and revelation. Perennialism purports that "goodness" is found in rational thinking. ~ Six Crows students are taught to reason.
     PROGRESSIVISM — Progressivism assumes that people are social animals, and that we learn best about ourselves and society by systematic approach in real life activities with other people: 1) Become aware of the "problem"; 2) Define the "problem"; 3) Propose hypotheses to solve the "problem"; 4) Evaluate the consequences of the hypotheses from past experience; 5) Test the likeliest solution. Thus progressivism displays "goodness" as discernment. ~ Six Crows students learn to be methodologically discerning in working out "problems" within a social framework.
     SCHOLASTICISM — Scholasticism focuses overtly on the spiritual, in its concern for uncovering transcendental truths leading to favorable life choices. It asserts that the dialectic (change through the conflict of opposing forces) uncovers truth. "Goodness" in scholasticism is the art of the philosopher, not measured in personal cleverness, but prized within a shared journey of discovery. ~ Six Crows students learn to think deeply, vision, and discourse about ideas.
     EXISTENTIALISM — Existentialism supports the seeker's personal interpretation of the world. Along this vein, participants are guided to come to know themselves and their true place in society. Existentialism supposes that the individual defines reality, truth, and "goodness". ~ Six Crows Students learn what they personally value, and what they personally want.
     In an endeavor to minimize confusion, misunderstandings, or any sense of imbalance or emotional turmoil that may result, we enter all business discussions and negotiations with the following intentions:
  1. The goal of a win/win result, defined as such by all parties;
  2. The skill of understanding the position of all the parties;
  3. Operating from a position of confidence and strength;
  4. A keen appreciation for the relative value which each party brings to the equation;
  5. The use of reliable, authoritative resources;
  6. An "I may not know it all" attitude;
  7. The willingness to have "facts" challenged;
  8. Finely tuned listening skills;
  9. Consideration of all points of view;
  10. Impeccable integrity;
  11. Transparency and honesty;
  12. Keen analytical faculties and good judgment;
  13. A mature sense of fairness;
  14. Compliance with high legal, ethical and moral standards;
  15. Clarity of both oral and written communication;
  16. Timely replies/responses in the exchange of information;
  17. The ability to "disagree agreeably";
  18. Humble acceptance of the required modification of one's position;
  19. Patience to do it right the first time so it doesn't have to be done over;
  20. Equitable compromise without the sacrifice of principles;
  21. A long-term perspective which looks beyond the near-term benefits;
  22. Respect, respect, respect.
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